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  • Hostal Casita, B&B

    Owner: Jose Casas de la O 398 visits

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    Hostel Casita, is a particular colonial House that is located in a quiet Santa Clara City rich for its traditions, which recalls their culture and history, preserves the traces of time and stands out for a peace of mind without limits, is called City of CHE GUEVARA, 300 meters from the Hostel Casita you will find the armored train sample live the derailment led by Commander Guevara for the battle of Santa Clara and a 15 minute walking Loma Capiro where installed his headquarters and directed the battle; also more importantly, the mausoleum where they rest her remains and that of his friends dead in Bolivia and were rescued in 1998 of the mass grave where lay in the Bolivian city of la Paz. Close to this accommodation, visitors will find the Park Vidal, and it’s around museums, banks and theaters, while those 100 meters is Boulevard and their trading networks. The portals of Hostel Casitas with ceilings of precious wood and well preserved tiles, momentarily back in time who it is hosted, the old style combined with modern, downtown environment and city make everything seem like stopped. Rooms spacious, separate colonial family, converge to a courtyard full of nature and pre-Columbian culture, characterized one of them as double with single beds that can be put together and the other with double bed, both have their private bathroom, shower with hot 24 hours. They also have fanned, refrigerator, TV, DVD, stereo and windows and telephone service. Environment is very cozy, soft and classic, together with delicious meals and personalized breakfasts that make a difference in the gastronomic environment, to its well decorated terrace. Hostel Casita prices are negotiable, from 20 CUC up to 30CUC depending on the time, stay and the origin of the reserve, has adjusted prices to students carrying out postgraduate studies at the Central University or Medical Sciences, foreign tourists or businessmen; breakfast, lunch and dinner from 3 CUC to 12CUC corresponding to the chosen dish. The House includes the cleaning service and daily room cleaning, as well as additional services of washing, ironing, garage and taxi.

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    Cercano a la casa se destacan otros lugares de interés histórico así cómo la fábrica de tabacos, que muestran al turista la particularidad del procesamiento y elaboración de uno de los hitos más grandes de nuestra nación, El Habano Cubano. Desde el Hostal Casita por su ubicación central y a sólo 10 minutos del Aeropuerto Internacional Abel Santa Maria, 2 horas y 50 minutos de la Ciudad de la Habana, se facilita el tránsito y estancia a quienes en su trayecto desean en poco tiempo, visitar varios lugares, detonando en la predilección por Hostal Casita la facilidad de viajar y regresar en el propio día a la Cayeria norte de Cuba, con acceso a las diferentes playas de Cayo Santa Maria que se encuentran en su estado más virgen y la visita a la Octava Villa de Cuba con vetustas construcciones coloniales que deslumbran con su belleza y relajación, igualmente en el trayecto visitar la Iglesia Mayor San Juan Bautista, que posee bellos altares enchapados en Oro, también hasta Trinidad a una hora, Santi Spíritus y Cienfuegos en 50 minutos. Near the House are other places of historical interest as well how the cigar factory, showing tourists the particularity of the processing and development of one of the largest in our nation "" El Habano Cubano"". From Hostel Casita by its central location to 10 minutes Abel Santa María International airport and just 2 hours and 50 minutes from the city of Havana, facilitates the transit and stay who on their way are keen on little time to visit several places detonating in the Hostel Casita predilection ease of travel and return on the own day to the keys North of Cuba with access to different beaches of Cayo Santa Maria, in its most Virgin State and the visit to the eighth Villa of Cuba with old colonial buildings that dazzle with your beauty and relaxation, also on the way visit the Church greater San Juan Bautista, which has beautiful altars plated in gold, also to Trinidad to a time, Santi Spiritus and Cienfuegos in 50 minutes.

    Location: Santa Clara

    Type of location: City

    Casa style: Colonial / Sharing spaces with the family

    Rooms: 2

    Rate per room per night (LS) / (HS): 20 | 25 cuc

    Features, services and local area facilities

    Air conditioning | Hot & Cold water | TV | Audio Player | Video Player | Freezer | Garden | Garage/Parking

    Taxi | Electricity 110v & 220v | Dance Classes | Airport pickup | Organizing excursions | Breakfast is offered | Lunch is offered | Dinner is offered | Laundry service | Preparation of drinks | Bicycle rental |

    City Air conditioner Hot and cold water TV Audio Player Video Player Freezer-Refrigerator Garden Parking-Garage Taxi Electricity 110v & 220v Dance Classes Airport pickup Organizing excursions Breakfast is offered Dinner is offered Laundry service Preparation of drinks Bicycle rental